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Boone County Emergency Management

Boone County Emergency Management is the department of local government (including the Cities of Florence, Union and Walton) charged with developing and maintaining the comprehensive emergency management program intended to reduce vulnerability to hazards and enable the community to cope with significant emergencies and disasters.  Boone County Emergency Management operates under the guidelines prescribed in KRS Chapter 39A–F and Boone County Code of Ordinances Chapter 36.

The comprehensive emergency management program includes our many partners who share you the citizen as our common customer.  Our collective efforts include the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and recovery from threats to public safety from all hazards.  Potential hazards include; severe weather, earthquakes, chemical, biological, and radiological hazardous material incidents, public health emergencies, civil disorder, acts of terrorism, explosions, power failure, aircraft and other transportation related emergencies, mass casualty incidents, as well as any other threats to the health and safety of the public.





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