Lost & found

Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Please note: If we impound your animal and notify you, no member of our staff will ever ask you to pay reclaim fees over the phone. If you receive a call from someone who attempts to collect fees over the phone on behalf of BCAS, please call our main line (859) 586-5285 and ask for a supervisor.

Search and Report Stray and lost pets are brought in to the animal shelter daily by concerned citizens and Animal Control Officers. Some people choose to report the found animal and temporarily house them to prevent them from coming to the shelter while we assist in locating the owner.

If you've Lost a pet, it's important to start your search immediately. Animal intake information is available in real time. Photos are part of our intake process, including those picked up by Animal Control Officers still in the field. Start by searching the found reports. They include animals reported found and animals in the shelter listed as *stray. If your pet isn't listed, file a Lost Report. Make sure you include a photo, if possible.

If you've Found a Pet, start by searching the lost reports. If you don’t see it listed, file a Found report. Please include a photo if possible.

*Stray is a legal definition for animals surrendered by someone other than the owner.


Besides reporting your lost or found pet on the Boone County website, we strongly advise you to personally visit the Northern Kentucky animal shelters. Animals missing from Boone County may easily cross county lines or picked up by someone passing through the area:

What Else Can I Do?

Try these resources;


Please also consider:

  • Posting a flier, with your pet's photograph, in your neighborhood. A printable flyer is available when you file a report.
  • Submitting a flier to local animal welfare organizations
  • Posting your pet's photo and information on your facebook, twitter and other social media pages
  • Placing an ad in your local newspaper


When your pet comes home, have them Microchipped. All area shelters scan for microchips