Animal Shelter

Building A Pawsitive Future

Keeping Families Together

Ask any pet owner and they’ll be quick to tell you that their pets are an essential part of their family. The BCAC’s mission has always been to keep these families together. Now, with a new, modern and spacious building, our team will have the opportunity to do just that. Highlights of the new shelter include:

  • Comfortable and easily accessible spaces for families to get to know their newest member.
  • Classrooms for informative and engaging pet owner education, behavioral classes for pets and visitor education – including field trips from local schools.
  • Stress-reducing pet housing to help calm and comfort animals, and reduce the risk of illnesses spreading between animals in care.
  • Pet food bank to support community members in need of assistance feeding their furry friends.
  • Dog exercise yards to provide enrichment and dog playgroups.
  • A catio to promote socialization and reduce stress among cats and kittens in the shelter.
  • Natural light, superior ventilation and acoustical control benefit all visitors (and animals) in the building.
  • And more.
Looking Forward

Once the new shelter opens, the BCAC team will continue to innovate and improve services available at the building. These visions include a community clinic to support families and pets in need of veterinary care; continued education for the community; a barn for safe and comfortable to house of large animals; and much more.

Consider donating to our capital campaign today and help make these plans a reality. Be sure to select "Boone County Animal Shelter Building Fund" for your donation.



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