Occupational/ Business Licenses

Occupational Licensing

Boone County Fiscal Court
Occupational License Department, Room 211
Burlington, KY  41005
859-334-2144 Phone
859-334-3914 Fax

Welcome to the Boone County Occupational Tax Office!  We are responsible for the collection of the Boone County Ordinance Tax # 07-27, Boone County Mental Health/Intellectual Disability/Aging Tax # 07-26 and the Boone County School Board Tax.  Occupational tax is levied on salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation of individuals for activities performed or rendered in Boone County and on the Net Profits of all businesses conducting activity in our jurisdiction.   The mission of the Occupational License Tax Office is to fairly and equitably apply the tax code in the administration of the occupational tax laws of Boone County, Kentucky. 


Annual Reconciliation & W2's are due February 28, 2022
1099 Non-Employee Transmittal Form is due February 28, 2022
Net Profit Tax Return for calendar year-end taxpayers is due April 18, 2022
Net Profit Extension Requests for calendar year end taxpayers are due April 18, 2022
*Extension requests must be filed directly with the Boone County Occupational Tax Office with payment of the business license fee and estimated tax due.