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Each baseball/softball organization, i. e. Knothole, Boone County Girls Softball, No. Ky. Youth Baseball, etc., must have one representative as a contact person for league communication with Boone County Parks. All scheduling will be done through this representative.

Field scheduling for tournaments, clinics, special events, etc. – Boone County Parks must be contacted to schedule fields. Field reservations must be made, in writing, sixty (60) days prior to start of team season to be considered.

Fifty percent (50%) of team players must be Boone County residents to be eligible to schedule a field. Rosters must be submitted to Boone County Parks if non-resident players are on a team showing name, address, etc. Boone County Parks reserves the right to request verification of Boone County residency as shown on rosters.

Boone County Parks programs and leagues have priority at all times.

Athletic Camps and Clinics – Five dollars ($5.00) per participant is due and payable to Boone County Parks no later than ten (10) days after completion of camp or clinic.

All camps and clinics must be scheduled through Boone County Parks and have a Permission Form in their possession issued by Boone County Parks.

Adult leagues, special events, tournaments, etc. will be charged at the rate of $25.00 per hour for light use. Payment is to be made to Boone County Parks within seven (7) days of game(s) or event.

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