Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Engineering Services coordinates and oversees new construction projects as well as processing and inspecting encroachment permits.  In addition to these responsibilities, Engineering Services conducts and interprets Traffic Studies to provide quantifiable data to make roadway engineering decisions.

Please contact Daniel Rice at with any traffic concerns, or questions regarding encroachment permits.

Inspection Services

Primary signage on county roads is maintained by the Sign Division and installed according to the Federal guidelines outlines in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). New sign installation requests and traffic concerns are reviewed on a monthly basis by a Traffic Control Committee. Once an area is inspected and studied it is discussed with the committee who determines the best course of action for an area.

To make a request for additional signage on your roadway or report a stolen or damaged sign please send an email to one of the contacts listed below: 

Mike Norica
Mike Roush
Jackson Webster
Tyler Orling

Contract Services

Contract Services oversees all aspects of a project to ensure work is being performed properly, in a timely manner, safely, and within budget.

Contract jobs regularly include building bridges, paving roads, striping roads, and roadside slips.