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At Boone County Solid Waste, we are a resource to the residents of Boone County. We offer a variety of ways to recycle items throughout the year through our Big Blue Bin program, Recycling Center, and various recycling events.

For questions regarding disposal and recycling, please call 859-334-3151.

paint canGot leftover paint?
Stop by the Boone County Public Works Office (5645 Idlewild Road, Burlington, KY 41005) for a free paint hardener packet. This paint hardener works for latex and acrylic paints, as well as stains. One packet will harden up to two-thirds of a gallon within 15 minutes. Once hardened and solidified, leave lid off and dispose in your curbside trash. While supplies last.

holiday lightsHave holiday lights that don't work anymore? Recycle them with Boone County! Drop them off at the following locations. Please drop off without bags or boxes. This program is only from December 1st - February 1st. Locations: Boone County Public Works (5645 Idlewild Road, Burlington, KY 41005), Boone County Conservation District (6028 Camp Ernst Road, Burlington, KY 41005), and Boone County Library - Main Library (1786 Burlington Pike, Burlington, KY 41005).

Are you a recycling expert? Take our "So You Think You Can Recycle" quiz and put your knowledge to the test here.

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