Discover Boone

Discover Boone County

Welcome to Boone County, Kentucky! Located in the largest bend of the Ohio River, a few miles downstream from Cincinnati, Boone County is the northernmost county in Kentucky. For forty-two miles the Ohio River bounds the county on the north and west. The Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport is located in the County. As in most sections of the outer Bluegrass Region of Kentucky, the land in Boone County is gently rolling to steeply hilly.   Boone County has a significant prehistoric heritage. Glacial activity from long ago left substantial gravel and limestone deposits along today's Ohio River as well as natural wonders formed from glacial outwash such as Split Rock, at the mouth of Woolper Creek, and Boone Cliffs, along Middle Creek.

From its bustling cities to the well-preserved rolling hills along the river, Boone County has something to offer everyone! Please enjoy discovering the many assets that make Boone County a wonderful place to live ,work and raise a family. 


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