Engage with Your Boone County

Have you ever wondered what exactly a Fiscal Court is?
Do you know why Boone County (and all counties in Kentucky) have a Judge/Executive?
Did you ever want to learn more about the programs and services available to Boone County residents?
Are you interested in getting to know your local elected officials and better understand how decisions are made?

Engage is a free, 11-week class designed to answer these questions (and many more) for Boone County residents. Participants will get an up close look at how the County is organized and run - and how departments work to serve our residents. You'll also get a chance to learn about the statutes, rules and processes that govern how decisions are made. Meet with elected officials and even try a few hands on exercises to give you a better idea of how things work. 

Classes start the week of January 8 and run from 6-9 p.m. (Review the full schedule!) The application process is closed. We will begin notifying participants the week of Dec. 18.

Have a question? Email Elaine Zeinner at ezeinner@boonecountyky.org. 

Engage Classes
The calendar is still being finalized for Engage 2024, but here's a brief overview of the topics you can expect to learn about. 

Welcome to Engage
  • Introduction and Meet and Greet
  • County Government Overview
  • County Budget Process
  • Importance of Transparency in Local Government
How County Government Works for You
  • Introduction to the Fiscal Court
  • Meet the County Clerk
  • Meet the Property Value Administrator
Keeping Our County & Residents Safe
  • Sheriff's Department Presentation & Tour
  • Jail Presentation & Tour
Preparing for the Unexpected
  • Emergency Services Overview
  • Fire/EMS Presentation
  • County Coroner
  • Public Safety Communications Center Overview
Understanding Your Judicial System
  • County Attorney
  • Commonwealth Attorney
  • Elected Judges
Making Boone County a Great Place to Live
  • Parks & Recreation Overview
  • Building Department
  • Animal Shelter
Keeping the County on Course
  • Community Services & Programs
  • Golf Course Overview & Tour
Creating a Vibrant Community
  • Get to Know Community Organizations
  • Essential Infrastructure
Planning for Growth
  • Managing Growth
  • Planning and Zoning
Keeping the County Running
  • Public Works 
  • County Transportation Needs & Services 
Graduation Celebration


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