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Boone County Animal Shelter ProjectBuilding a Pawsitive Future 

Despite current physical infrastructure limitations, the Boone County Animal Care & Control  leadership and staff achieve success beyond expectations. The existing Boone County Animal Shelter is the original 1960s-era concrete structure with a 1990s addition, a 2006 addition, and small remodels. The current facility poses a number of challenges due to its age, construction type, antiquated systems and size. The County engaged two experts in the field of Animal Sheltering to evaluate the current facility which found that the existing building has outlived its useful lifetime and that all essential systems would need to be upgraded to allow it to function properly and had no ability to be expanded to an appropriate size. The recommendation was to replace the building with a structure that suits the current operations of Boone County Animal Care and Control.  

To ensure that County investment is maximized and to provide the support needed for both state required services and those additional services desired by the residents of the County and the region that should not be tax-funded, the Boone County Fiscal Court has authorized a public-private partnership to construct the new shelter.  A capital campaign is  now underway to finalize the funding for the Boone County Animal Services Center. During the “silent phase” of the campaign, total contributions of $5.25 million have been raised or pledged toward the $6 million dollar cost of the project. This includes $2.25 million from private donors. The campaign is now public and we invite friends and fellow animal lovers to help put the project over the top! Visit the Campaign website here

Please visit https://buildingpawsitivefuture.com/ for full details and to contribute toward Building a Pawsitive Future for the animals in Boone County and the NKY region.


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