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Boone County Launches Capital Campaign to Construct a Modern Animal Shelter

Boone County has announced a public capital campaign to support the construction of a modern animal shelter to serve Boone County and support the Northern Kentucky region. The County has identified a public-private partnership as the most appropriate way to deliver high quality services to the community, remain a leader in the Animal Care and Control Field, exceed minimum statutory animal control requirements and  demonstrate appropriate stewardship for Boone County Taxpayers. The County has secured two lead gifts of $1.0 Million Dollars each from valued partners, Ron and Sherrie Lou Noel and the Joanie Bernard Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio. The public phase of the campaign launches with a total of $5.25 million toward the $6 million pledged or raised.  


To Make Your Own Contribution Click Here

by designating the Boone County Animal Shelter when prompted “Where would you like to send your donation.”


The campaign is now public and we invite friends and fellow animal lovers to help put the project over the top! Visit the Campaign website Here.


The need for an upgrade from the current shelter was highlighted by a series of expert consultants in the field of animal sheltering who conducted a thorough review of the current services, staffing and physical location. Animal Arts, a nationally recognized industry leader in the sheltering field concluded that:


“Boone County Animal Care and Control achieves success because of its staff and leadership, despite the limitations of current physical infrastructure. The existing animal shelter is an original 1960s-era concrete structure with one major addition in the 1990s and numerous small remodels. While the staff members and volunteers are working hard, the building itself works against them. It is difficult to clean, has poor traffic flow, is not friendly to visit, and is stressful for the animals. The building does not meet the requirements of modern building, handicapped accessibility, and energy codes. While we will analyze the building in more detail in the next section of this report, our recommendation is to replace the building with a structure that suits the current operations of Boone County Animal Care and Control.”




A public-private partnership approach is being utilized to allow the new facility to meet statutory requirements that are the responsibility of local government, but also provide expanded services to the citizens of the County and region through the contribution of private funding.  The County has retained SMP Design of Cincinnati, Ohio to design the new facility which will be conveniently located near other County government facilities on Conrad Lane.


“We have a unique opportunity to meet our responsibilities, provide exemplary service to Boone County citizens and the animals in our care and better serve the taxpayers by utilizing a public-private partnership for the Animal Shelter,” said Judge/Executive Gary W. Moore. “This model maximizes county service at a tremendous value for the taxpayer and is an example of how our conservative values result in good government in Boone County.”


“The need for a new animal shelter is overwhelmingly clear based on the review from our experts, national experts and the casual observer,” said Animal Care and Control Director Colleen Bray. “We have outgrown our current facility in terms of size and it was constructed in the 1960’s at a time when modern ventilation and sanitation systems for animals were not available. The newly designed shelter will provide appropriate care and be sustainable for decades to come.”


The community can find additional information, read the case for support and follow the animal shelter progress HERE. 




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