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NKSWMA Governing Body

The NKSWMA Governing Body consists of the three Judge Executives and one Commissioner from each county in the Area (Boone, Campbell, and Kenton). This forms the voting members of the Governing Body. The non-voting members of the Governing Body are the following:
  • Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee
  • Boone County Solid Waste Coordinator
  • Campbell County Solid Waste Coordinator
  • Kenton County Solid Waste Coordinator
Every October, the Governing Body Chair position rotates counties.

Year Judge Executive County
2008  Judge Gary Moore Boone 
2009 Judge Ralph Drees Kenton 
2010 Judge Steve Pendery Campbell
2011 Judge Gary Moore Boone
2012 Judge Steve Arlinghaus Kenton
2013 Judge Steve Pendery Campbell
2014 Judge Gary Moore Boone
2015 Judge Steve Arlinghaus Kenton
2016 Judge Steve Pendery Campbell
2017 Judge Gary Moore Boone
2018 Judge Kris Knochelmann Kenton
2019 Judge Steve Pendery Campbell
2020  Judge Gary Moore Boone 
2021 Judge Kris Knochelmann Kenton
2022 Judge Steve Pendery Campbell


4 th

largest county



42 mi

of riverfront