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2014 Subdivision Regulations

2014 Subdivision Regulations
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(Adopted: May 2015)
Article 01 pdficon small
Purpose and Authority
Article 02 pdficon small
Procedure for Subdivision Approval
Article 03 pdficon small
Design Standards for Subdivision Review
Article 04 pdficon small
Procedure for Inspection Fees and Enforcement
Article 05 pdficon small
Definitions used in Subdivision Review
Article 06 pdficon small
Certificates used on Final and Conveyance Plats
Street, Storm, and Sidewalk Specifications
Appendix A pdficon small
Cement Concrete for Street, Curb, and Gutter, Sidewalk, and Driveway Construction
Appendix B pdficon small
Asphalt Concrete Pavement for Street and Driveway Construction
Appendix C pdficon small
Standard Construction Details for Streets, Sidewalks, and Driveways
Appendix D pdficon small
Storm Drainage Systems, Erosion Control
Appendix E pdficon small
Water Line Specifiations
Appendix F pdficon small
Sanitary Sewer Specifications


4 th

largest county



42 mi

of riverfront