Historic Preservation Review Board

Heritage Tourism Map

The Boone County Historic Preservation Review Board is pleased to announce the publication of the 2006 edition of the Boone County, Kentucky, Heritage Tourism Map. The map is a 12 by 18-inch double-sided, full-color document that folds down into a 4" by 9" brochure. It was developed by the Planning Services Division of the Boone County Planning Commission. The map indicates key heritage tourism resources in Boone County, including historic sites and churches, scenic routes, natural areas, parks, and Kentucky Historic Highway Markers. The map also pinpoints visitor services (fuel, food, and lodging) and depicts three suggested 1/2-day driving trips through the county.
The redesigned 2006 edition of the map also traces two historic routes: (1) the route Mary Ingles followed after escaping from her Shawnee captors at Big Bone Lick in 1755 and (2) the route Confederate General John Hunt Morgan took through Boone County after his daring escape from the Ohio Penitentiary in November, 1863. While plans for developing trails along both of these historic routes have begun, neither route is marked or fully accessible. Many of these heritage tourism resources are highlighted on the reverse side of the map.
The map meets one of the primary recommendations of the Boone County, Kentucky, Heritage Tourism Plan, which was the product of a planning process that brought together Boone County residents, business owners, and agencies.
You may also download the 12"x18" PDF by clicking on the image below:
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