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Starting July 2024, the Boone County Historic Preservation Review Board holds regular business meetings at 4:00PM on the first Monday of each month. Meetings may be held in-person or virtually and an in-person scheduled meeting may be held virtually with prior public notification. The business meetings are held in the 1st Floor Conference Room, Old Boone County Courthouse, 2988 Washington Street, Burlington, KY, unless stated otherwise.  Please click here for the current meeting schedule.
FY2025 Meeting schedule: 

July 1, 2024                      No Meeting
August 5, 2024                In-person Meeting
September 2, 2024        No Meeting (Federal Holiday)
October 7, 2024              In-person Meeting
November 4, 2024          In-person Meeting
December 2, 2024         Virtual Meeting
January 6, 2025              Virtual Meeting
February 3, 2025            Virtual Meeting
March 3, 2025                  In-person Meeting
April 7, 2025                     In-person Meeting
May 5, 2025                      In-person Meeting and Retreat
June 2, 2025                     In-person Meeting

  Patricia Fox (Chairwoman)  
Patrick Berry Debbie Conrad Lisa Hoffman
Sean Mendell Shane Noem Patricia Wingo
The Boone County Historic Preservation Review Board is a seven member volunteer board, appointed by the Boone County Fiscal Court, whose mission is to:
Lead and educate Boone County government and its citizens in the preservation and protection of Boone County's prehistoric and historic resources.
The Historic Preservation Review Board oversees historic preservation policy in the county. Their responsibilities include enforcement of the Boone County Cemetery Preservation Plan, ongoing survey and documentation of historic and prehistoric resources in Boone County, the development of a plan to strengthen historic preservation efforts in the county, providing technical assistance to owners of historic properties, and providing heritage education to both children and adults. The Review Board is staffed part-time by a Historic Preservation Planner employed by the Boone County Planning Commission.
The Historic Preservation Review Board sponsors a number of public events throughout the year, and celebrates National Historic Preservation Month in May with annual Boone County Preservation Awards.


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