Open Records

Open Records Requests


Open Records Policy for all Fiscal Court Departments

1. All applicants must complete a copy of the Open Records Request Form or provide an alternate request which includes all statutorily required information. The Open Records Request Form is available in hard copy from the fiscal court clerk., available for download on this site or may be submitted electronically. Questions may be directed to the Assistant County Attorney at 859-334-3202. Effective June 29, 2021, open records requests may also be submitted via the Attorney General's standardized form which may be found here

2. Open Records Request Forms shall be submitted to the Official Custodian, Assistant County Attorney, 2970 Union Street, Burlington, Kentucky 41005 during regular office hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Requests may be submitted in person, via fax (859-334-3212) or e-mailed to the County Attorney at Open records requests may also be submitted electronically by clicking here. Requests should be itemized and described as clearly as possible by the applicant. 

3. Pursuant to HB 312 (2021) and codified in part in KRS 61.870, only residents of the Commonwealth may request to inspect public records. The definition of resident includes individuals and businesses living operating and working within the Commonwealth, as well as, news-gathering organizations. 

4.  State law requires a written response to an open records request be issued within five days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays). The five-day timeframe begins the day after receipt of the request. For more information, go to and click on “Protecting Your Right to Know.” Certain items may be excluded in whole or part if they contain exempted information as prescribed under KRS 61.878. 

5. Records will be made available consistent with open records statutory requirements. For records requested to be inspected, a time shall be coordinated with the requester with the notification of the approval of the request. All records reviewed shall be re-assembled by the applicant in their original order. If copies are removed from clips or bound folders, these documents shall be replaced in their original order in a neat and orderly fashion. No person shall remove original copies of public records from this office without the written permission of the Official Custodian. 

6. Copies of records are available for the following charges, payable in advance:
     a) Non-commercial document requests $ .10 per copy
     b) Non-commercial recordings, computer disks, tapes $5.00 per copy

7. For non-commercial requests, if record is available in digital format and has been specifically requested to be sent via e-mail, the County will accommodate this request at no charge. For records requested to be copied, placed on a disc and/or mailed, the charge (@ $ .10 per copy; $5.00 per disc and actual cost of postage) will be noted with the approval notification letter and copies or disc provided and/or mailed when the copy/disc/ postage fee is remitted and received by the Assistant County Attorney.

8. Commercial requests, special requests, or those requested in a non-standardized format shall be subject to higher fees taking into account loss of staff time and actual cost of reproduction. All fees will be noted prior to copying and documents provided when fees are remitted to the Assistant County Attorney.

9. The Boone County Fiscal Court is NOT custodian of records for the Boone County Sheriff.  The elected Sheriff serves as custodian for such records. Information related to making an open records request to the Boone County Sheriff is available at:

10. The Boone County Fiscal Court is NOT custodian of records for the Boone County Jail. The elected Boone County Jailer serves as custodian for such records. Request for Records from the Boone County Jail may be submitted to: Jason Maydak, Jailer. Boone County Jail.  3020 Conrad Lane. Burlington, KY 41005. Fax: 859-334-2296 

11. The Boone County Fiscal Court is NOT custodian of records for the Boone County Planning Commission. The Planning Commission is an independent agency and serves as custodian of its records. Information related to requesting records from the Boone County Planning Commission is available on-line at: