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    1. Play on all fields, practices and games, will be determined by Parks Maintenance Superintendent.
    2. Field condition messages will be on the soccer Hot Line: Phone No. 513-852-0707 and on this website under Field Conditions. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH COACH TO CALL THE HOT LINE OR CHECK THE WEBSITE.
    3. Play on closed field (s) may result in sanctions, including restitution for damages, against offending coach (coaches).
    4. Avoid practice on wet fields – this will allow better game field conditions. Stay out of/off goalmouths and center of field.
  2. FEES
    1. Each visitor vs. visitor game (both teams not from Boone County – 51% or more of roster non- residents) shall pay a $15.00 per game fee to Boone County Parks Department.
    2. Boone County teams shall pay $15.00 per team per season to Boone County Parks Department. ALL fees to be paid within 30 days of end of spring and fall seasons.
    3. Fees shall be deposited in Soccer Field Escrow Account. Escrow Account funds shall be used for soccer field maintenance supplies and equipment.
    1. Each soccer organization must have one representative as a contact person for league communication with Boone County Parks. All scheduling will be done through this representative. Boone County Parks MUST be contacted to schedule fields.
    2. Boone County parks programs and leagues have priority at all times.
    3. Athletic camps and clinics – Five dollars ($5.00) per participant is due and payable to Boone County Parks no later than ten (10) days after completion of camp or clinic. All camps and clinics must be scheduled through Boone County Parks and have a Permission Form in their possession issued by Boone County Parks.


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