Boone County Resident Resources


The Boone County Resident Page provides a list of resources to assist residents in easily connecting with servipic1ces and resources in the County and across the region. The links on this page are a small sample of some of the most requested information – additional material is available throughout the website or  by contacting County departments. From Animal Care & Control to snow removal, County Golf Courses to Parks and everything in between, County Government exists to serve our citizens in an efficient and effective manner. 

You are encouraged to utilize all the Boone County has to offer! This includes serving the County through service on a Board or Commission. Boone County is truly a great place to Live, work and raise a family.

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Boone County ENGAGE - Would you be interested in a nine-week educational program designed to educate, involve, and engage Boone County Residents in the work of various county government operations?  If your answer is yes please consider signing up for the next class that begins in January this fall..



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