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Please allow me to express my sincerest appreciation for your interest in serving on a County/Regional board or commission. This can be a very rewarding experience and is an excellent way to participate in the functioning of local government while making a personal contribution to the improvement of Boone County. Boards and commissions make important judgments each and every day that have an enormous impact on the people and future of Boone County.  

I would like to share with you how the process for appointments proceeds once an application is received. My office will record your interest and create a file highlighting the boards in which indicate an interest. As vacancies arise, my office reviews the applications to identify potential  and conducts an interview to further assess the interest for those potential candidates. When a candidate is identified, I make an appointment and that appointment is ratified by the Fiscal court. The process is on-going.

Once again, I am so pleased that you have interest in serving the community and are considering this step to become more involved in the governing process. Boone County is truly a great place to live, work and raise a family because of the willingness of citizens like you to be involved and ensure a bright future for our community.

You have my Best Wishes!

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