Jason Maydak, Jailer

Boone County Jail

Jason Maydak, Jailer


Jailer Jason Maydak was elected to the office of Boone County Jailer and took office January 7, 2019.

Mr. Maydak began his career at the Jail in 1997. Jason demonstrated hard work as a correctional officer and was promoted to Sergeant under Jailer John Schickel in 1999. Mr. Maydak organized development of the Boone County Jails Special Response Team and has training in Less Lethal Munitions and Use of Force tactics. In 2004 he was promoted to Lieutenant by Jailer Edward Prindle.  In 2005 Jailer Maydak coordinated and planned a safe and secure movement plan from the previous facility to the new facility.  His planning and coordinated efforts were instrumental in the movement of all inmates and the safety of the citizens of Boone County.  

Mr. Maydak further demonstrated his skills by being instrumental in obtaining compliance with Immigration Detention Standards in order for the jail to become a holding facility for the Department of Homeland Security. Jason also negotiated an increase of the daily inmate per diem rate with the Department of Justice for the cost of housing federal inmates.  Jason also exhibits outstanding supervisory skills and oversaw the management of all Deputy Jailers and jail security operations, including the jails inmate work program.  In 2015 he was promoted to Captain by Jailer Edward Prindle.

Jason Maydak obtained a Bachlor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. Jason and his wife Michaelene, live in Boone County and have four children. 

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