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Boone County Congratulates Youth Cabinet Members

The Boone County Youth Cabinet (“BCYC”) 2022-2023 participants celebrated their program completion this May, marking Boone County’s twenty second year offering BCYC as a leadership opportunity for high school juniors. BCYC provides opportunities to learn about the inner workings of local government and to speak with leaders within Boone County about career pathways students may pursue as they prepare for their future.

BCYC has events scheduled throughout the school year for students to get a hands-on approach to learning about leadership. These events include Local Government Day, Local Justice Day, and, always a favorite, a visit to Frankfort to tour the Capitol and meet with State Representatives, Senators, and Kentucky Supreme Court Justices.

Our 2022-2023 BCYC class hailed from schools across the county and represented their institution well.

Congratulations! Boone County Youth Cabinet 2022-2023

  • Jacob Anderson (Boone County High School)
  • Joel Edwards (Homeschool)
  • Cole Henry (Randall K. Cooper High School)
  • Karlena Keller (Conner High School)
  • Joseph Pile (Boone County High School)
  • Peytton Moore (Randall K. Cooper High School)
  • Max Rice (Walton-Verona High School)
  • Gabrielle Steuber (Conner High School)


The 2023-2024 BCYC class will kickstart their program in August and we look forward to beginning the upcoming year with Boone County’s rising leaders.

Congratulations! Boone County Youth Cabinet 2023-2024

  • Carly Apgar (St. Henry District High School)
  • David Courtney (Boone County High School)
  • William Downing (Ryle High School)
  • Maliyah Fayson (Beechwood High School)
  • Everest Frimpong (Boone County High School)
  • Elena Gartner (Boone County High School)
  • Joseph Jordan (Randall K. Cooper High School)
  • Josh Mink (Homeschool)
  • Tanner Sebastian (Boone County High School)
  • Kalin Meyer (Randall K. Cooper High School)




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