County and State Roadways

County and State Roads: Who to Contact and Why It Matters

Roadways across the region help connect communities, friends and families. It’s important for our health, safety, and quality of life that those roads are properly maintained, whether that’s through snow removal, construction improvements, or new roadways and interchanges. However, it’s not always easy to know who oversees each street in the County. That’s because there are five different jurisdictions that could be responsible for any given street in our transportation network:

  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC)
  • Boone County Fiscal Court
  • City of Florence
  • City of Union
  • City of Walton

Here’s a brief overview of these entities, including how to contact them with a question or concern.

That state highway department (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet or KYTC) oversees all state roads and highways. This includes major thoroughfares in our county, such as U.S. 42 and KY 18, and expressways that span the entire state.

Every two years, KYTC releases a six-year transportation plan. This plan recommends potential transportation projects, including new road construction, bridges, interchanges, and other infrastructure projects, and funding to improve existing infrastructure. Review the 2024 Recommended Highway Plan.

While Boone County Fiscal Court is not responsible for projects in this plan, County leadership and elected officials work closely with KTYC and state legislators to ensure our residents’ concerns and priorities are heard.

KTYC is divided into 12 districts to help manage and maintain state-owned roadways in each region. KYTC District 6 oversees state roads in Boone County and 10 other counties, including:

  • Bracken County
  • Campbell County
  • Carroll County
  • Gallatin County
  • Grant County
  • Harrison County
  • Kenton County
  • Owen County
  • Pendleton County
  • Robertson County

KYTC District 6 is responsible for responding to traffic concerns, hazards and questions on state-owned roadways, including:

  • Pothole repair
  • Traffic hazards
  • Input on current or upcoming construction projects
  • Signal timing
  • Highway lighting
  • Signs

Contact KYTC District 6.

You can also contact your state legislator to share input on potential or upcoming state transportation projects.

Boone County Fiscal Court
Boone County oversees all county roadways in unincorporated Boone County. This includes improvements to existing infrastructure, new construction or roadways, snow removal and maintenance of 450 centerline miles of county roads.

Contact Boone County Fiscal Court with transportation or traffic-related concerns on County roadways. You can also call Public Services at 859-334-3600.

There are three incorporated cities in Boone County: Florence, Union and Walton. Each has its own government and services, including maintenance and improvements to city-owned streets and snow removal. You can contact each city individually with transportation or traffic-related concerns.

City of Florence
  • Report a concern online
  • Call 859-647-5416
City of Union
  • Call 859-384-1511
City of Walton
  • Call 859-485-4383

How Do I Know if it’s a State, County or City Road?
Generally speaking, if a street has a number (U.S. 42, U.S. 25), it is a state route. Roads with just names are a local roadway. You can also review this Street Index, which includes an alphabetical list of all roadways in the County and who maintains each street.

View the entire Street Index.

Or, view by government agency:



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