County Government Month

How County Government Works for You

Boone County provides services and resources to more than 140,000 residents. Sometimes, though, it can be confusing to know who exactly is responsible for what. For example, do you know who:

  • Manages elections?
  • Clears snow from streets?
  • Provides water to residents?
  • Manages parks?
  • Runs the animal shelter?
  • Assesses property value?
  • Oversees the dispatch center that manages all 911 calls?
  • Tries criminal and civil cases?
  • Renews driver licenses?

Although Boone County collaborates and coordinates with all County agencies, not all of these services come directly from Boone County Fiscal Court. Here’s your cheat sheet to the services above:

  • The Boone County Clerk manages elections, among many other services. This is an elected official who works with the Boone County Board of Elections and the State Board of Elections.
  • Boone County Public Works, which is a department of the County, treats and clears county roads during inclement winter weather.
  • Boone County Water District is a public water system that is governed by an independent board, and regulated by Kentucky’s Public Service Commission. It is not a County department, but county leaders work closely with the Water District on several projects, including expanding public water access to rural residents.
  • Boone County Parks Department manages 19 parks in unincorporated Boone County and the City of Walton. The City of Florence manages parks within its city limits.
  • Boone County Animal Services is a county department, and is responsible for animal care and control within the county – including connecting families with adoptable animals out of its shelter.
  • The Boone County Property Valuation Administrator is an elected official who is not part of the Boone County Fiscal Court. This role works is a state office that assesses the property value of homes and businesses within Boone County.
  • The Public Safety Communications Center is a County department that manages all emergency and non-emergency public safety calls for all areas of Boone County.
  • The Boone County Attorney and Kentucky Commonwealth’s Attorney are two elected officials that prosecute criminal and civil cases in Boone County. They are not a County department.
  • The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet now manages driver license renewals. It is not a County department or service.

Still have questions about the services and programs available from the Boone County Fiscal Court? Here’s a quick primer on all the County departments and what they can do for you.

County Administration
A county administrator largely functions as a chief operating officer of a county. In the role, they are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the county and ensuring proper procedures and policies are followed under Kentucky state law.

The role reports directly to the Judge/Executive (CEO) and works in the Judge/Executive Office. Many counties, including Boone County, have a deputy and/or assistant county administrators to help manage county operations.

View the county’s organizational chart, and meet the county administrators that serve Boone County.

Animal Care & Control
Boone County Animal Services works hard to keep animals and families together. They provide resources and support to those struggling to care for animals and offer compassionate, humane care when an animal needs a new home.

The Ron and Sherrie Lou Noel Boone County Animal Shelter recently opened to the public, after years of planning, designing and fundraising. The new shelter more than doubles the space available for animals and staff, and delivers best practices for animal care and control, including infection prevention, animal enrichment and dedicated spaces for residents to get to know their newest family member before heading home.

Boone County Animal Shelter Staff with Scooter - Copy

Learn more.

Assisted Housing
The Assisted Housing Department is a federally funded program managed by the County that provides housing vouchers to low-income families. The team regularly works with individuals and families in need of assistance paying rent, and landlords interested in participating in the program.

Learn more.

Building Department
The Building Department team works closely with contractors, homeowners, and commercial vendors to ensure that new and improved structures meet state law requirements. This helps keep residents, their families, and guests safe in homes and businesses.

Learn more.

Community Services & Programs
The Community Services & Programs department oversees community development initiatives. It partners with and supports local agencies that provide important social services to Boone County residents. The team is responsible for distributing and monitoring payroll tax funds to eligible agencies that support mental health, intellectual disabilities and aging populations.

Learn more.

Emergency Management
Preparing for the unexpected is an important part of keeping our residents safe. The Emergency Management team identifies potential hazards and proactively works to reduce the associated risks of unexpected events, such as tornadoes or flooding. They work closely with community partners to prepare for, respond to, and recover from hazardous situations.

Learn more.

County Treasurer/Finance Department
The County Treasurer and finance department are charged with overseeing the County budget and providing timely and accurate financial information, reports, advice and service to the County and residents.

There are several transparency tools available on our website that allow residents to review revenue and expenses, including:

Golf Courses
Did you know that there are two county-owned public golf courses in Boone County? Lassing Pointe, rated the no. 1 public golf course in Kentucky, and Boone Links are funded through an operational enterprise fund, which means no tax dollars are used to support or maintain the golf courses.

Renovations were recently completed at Lassing Pointe. Work included the complete redesign of 26 bunkers using the Better Billy System. All par three tee boxes were also renovated, adding almost an acre of new tee space.

Hole 5 at Lassing Pointe

Learn more.

Human Resources
The County’s Human Resources office is responsible for hiring all new employees, managing benefits, drafting personnel policies, and supporting employees and departments as needed.

Learn more about Human Resources or view our latest job openings.

Occupational Licensing
The Occupational Licensing department is responsible for collecting several different taxes, including payroll taxes, Mental Health/Intellectual Disability/Aging (MHID/Aging) tax, and the Boone County School Board Tax. Our team understands the confusion that can come with taxes and are here to help answer questions and assist in any way they can.

Learn more.

The Boone County Parks Department, perhaps one of the most well-known (and loved) departments, is responsible for managing 20 parks, recreation programs and youth sport leagues for residents of the county.

Learn more about Parks and view their upcoming events.

Public Safety Communications Center
The Public Safety Communications Center (PSCC) serves all areas of Boone County, including unincorporated Boone County and Florence, Union, and Walton. Its primary responsibilities are to manage all 911 calls and non-emergency public safety calls.

Learn more.

Public Works
The Boone County Public Works Department offers four different services:

  • Public Services. Repair and maintain County-owned roads and sidewalks, and treat and clear County roads during winter weather.
  • Engineering Services. Identify, plan and manage new construction and improvements to existing County-owned infrastructure (including roads and sidewalks).
  • Code Enforcement. Help residents understand County ordinances and bring properties into compliance.
  • Solid Waste. Oversees County recycling programs, including Big Blue Bins, Recycling Center, and special events such as Household Hazardous Waste.

Learn more.

Stay tuned for next week’s focus on getting to know your Judge/Executive and County Commissioners!




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